Esse Management Consultants Being
positively positive
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Esse Management Consultants Our vision is to
imbue the positive leader
to make being simple
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Our Mission To reach out to every individual with the
intention of making work and leadership
a positive experience.
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MindGym Assessments and Trainings Learn More MyTalk A virtual space to
release emotions
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Insight Centre A physical silent space to
meditate and reflect
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About Us

Esse Management Consultants

Esse means "to be" in Latin. Esse Management Consultants aims to facilitate each individual

  • to be aware of your best self
  • to bring forth your best self
  • to sustain your best self

img Our logo depicts transformation built on resilience. Red depicts the resilience in all of us and the varying shades of yellow depict the transformation. The white depicts the pure transformable core of being. The half bloom depicts the perennial transformation happening in us.

Confidential and Anonymous

Our insights are confidential and anonymous. Employers cannot access the individual ‘s insights and data.


Our reports for employers are constructed from aggregated data. It is acquired by combining individual-level data of minimum 10 individuals.


Our tools are SOC2 compliant. We do not collect or store any sensitive data of any kind.

Our Story

Esse was conceived to bridge the gap between employees' experience and organisation productivity responding to the growing anxiety, unaccounted fear, unbridled worry, constant thinking, and, chasing control, especially experienced in the work environment

We feel self care and support is better sustained, managed and facilitated encouraging positive growth.

A decade of studying and experimenting confirmed that resilience, wellbeing and positive leadership were three areas that were in paucity in today's world and is tomorrow's strength. These three together are a wholesome tool to counter inefficiency and discontent.

We curated and compiled a series of training which helps manage, sustain and develop resilience, wellbeing and positive leadership. We compiled and adapted various meditation techniques to create mind training programmes. The trainings are secular and universal with the objective to train the human mind to renovate for the positive. These trainings are a step towards self-reliant and self-directed care.

We know that every individual is unique and therefore we created an array of assessments to guide us to create customised training programs.

Since individuals make an organisation, our assessments, reports and trainings are targetted to make leaders, potential leaders, and develop positive work environment Lets begin a transformation journey.

Two path breaking services which facilitate wellbeing. Both services require physical infrastructure and is customized to the requirements of the organisation. Unique offerings conceived and created by us .

MyTalk ™

Using a cloud-based call center technology, MyTalk is a virtual space where callers can release their emotions through talk, vent, rant, crib and share their feeling which help them to discharge their emotions.
A safe, anonymous, and confidential environment where recording is not practiced.

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Insight Centre ™

A silence zone. A physical space where an individual can resort to silence to meditate and reflect. A space which will be specifically custom designed and created within the workplace.

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Please feel free to drop an email on the below email: [email protected] or kindly fill out the form below and we will respond at our earliest convenience.